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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dont Drink While Standing

Water is one of the primary needs of man. After meals or after exercise, drinking water is a sure thing by everyone. But do you know if drinking while standing is harmful to health? Let’s discuss this one in the post so that the danger was not approached us.

Inside our bodies there is an organ called the Sf ringer. Sf ringer is a structure muscular that can open (so that urine can pass) and close. Any water we drink will be distributed at the ’outposts’ in the kidney filtration. Sf ringer organ responsible for filtering fluid that enters the body. Well, there is research stating that the Sf ringer will not function properly, if we drink while standing. Thus, water that enters the body, unfiltered. This will cause the bacteria and germs found in water, will enter into the body. Horror right? Therefore, before you drank the water, sit down first. In order sf ringer be served properly. So terrible will not happen to us.

P/S: Allahuakbar! Subhanallah..

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loVe puRpLe said...

duduk2 time minum jgn berdiri (^-^)

mie said...

jgn lupa niat ikut sunnah.. ^_^

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