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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Search Mediafire for Files

There is no way to browse through the files on Mediafire directly which means that we once again rely on search engines to give us the information that we want. You can use Google, Yahoo and any other search engine that offers a site search.

The basic command for searching sites is site:url, for Mediafire it would be “” The following is a list of possible commands that reveal lots of files of the type that you specified:
site:mediafire mp3 zip avi

It is possible to combine filetypes, just add a | between each file type. This would look like this then: mp3 | ogg

You can also search for specific filenames, just replace the filetype with the filename: e-book

Here are some stats taken from Google. Google has indexed almost 45000 links to mp3 files that are hosted at Mediafire, 20000 zip files, 6200 avi files and 42000 rar files. Not all files are working though. If Mediafire deletes a file it will still be shown for some time in the search engine that you have used.



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