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Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is GULF

* Local calls are free

* Petrol is cheaper than water, Payment for drainage too

* Any building construction finishes in 3 months

* Unqualified get more salary than Qualified

* Show-off matters more than real quality & performance

* Labourers are paid less than what they can earn back in their own country

* Companies can kick out their employees without any reason

* Wastas (recommendation) are more powerful than money

* Cleaners have more Wasta than officers

* Watchman has more Rights than the Building Owner

* Office boy & Drivers have more influence on Boss than Manager

* Gulf climate changes so fast, in one hour u can see raining, dust storm, hot / humid / chilling weather

* Gulf is located in desert, still u find greenery everywhere

* If u can't earn money in the Gulf, u can't earn anywhere in the world * In Gulf, time goes very fast, Friday to Friday comes u never know, its sooo fast

* Every bachelor has a dream of getting married and buying a house in India

* U love your parents, friends, relatives 100 times more than when you were together

* Being at home is more painful than being at work

* Indians appear/pretend to be more religious/God fearing than they really are

* Theatres are full of Arab nationals whenever there is a movie of Salman / Sharukh

* Gulf girls sing Hindi songs but don't understand anything

* Prostitutes available, but cheaper than beggars

* Dance Bars and Pubs more than that in B'lore

* A ladies hair saloon every 5 meters

* Food/Grocery delivery to the car

* A Starbucks every 10 meters

* Hard Rock Cafe with no alcohol

* In one single flate sharing with 5 families

* A Shopping Mall located every 2 km

* Highway lanes differentiated for slow & fast drivers

* Getting a license is more difficult than buying a car

* Smashed cars are more than bugs

* Parking charge: 2 Dirham for 1 hour - 5 Dirham for 2 hours & so on

* No Queues for women


* GREEN : Signal to go for Indians

* YELLOW : Signal to go for Egyptians and Pakistanis, Americans, Europeans

* RED : Signal to go for Kuwaitis, Saudis , Palestinians & Lebanese



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