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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rapidshare No Limits 2010 Version: 1.04

You want something to download on RapideShare without buying a premium account, with no limit on the speed and expectations? Then this program is for you!
Increases download speed up to 500% (sometimes more).
You can manage all your downloads on a single screen.
Use a mirror to the early loading of the requested file (develops faster than with standard single-threaded downloading).

If necessary, you can put a list of uploads on pause, and then again to resume the download.
Resume interrupted uploads.
You can check files at boot time.
Added support files, BitTorrent.
The calendar for the distribution of downloads.
Ease of use through graphical interface.
Save your selected folders using MyFolders.
Detailed statistics of downloads.
Unlimited number of simultaneous downloads.
Simplified sorting and grouping downloads.
Easy file management with MyFolders.
Download files in the background.
You can view the history of downloads.
Automatic download completion and error identification.
Supported protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent.
Resumes a partial load.
Use multiple mirrors for each download. Can mix different protocols (HTTP and FTP) for faster file downloads.
Automatically switch to a different mirror to speed up downloading.
You set your own list of mirrors (add / delete).
Automatic correction of errors.
Support for a large number of connections.
The maximum number of requests for download.
Compression support HTTP GZIP.
Support authorization HTTP.
Support for anonymous and password protected downloads via FTP protocol.
Ability to view the files, even under partial load.
Support for BitTorrent 1.0.
Support for extensions of the protocol BitTorrent.
Connecting to the BitTorrent network for maximum upload.
Support Proxy.
Compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
Support for downloading large volume of files (over 2GB).

Year: 2010
Version: 1.04
Developer: Nagarsoft
Program Status: Shareware
Language: English
Platform: Windows All
Tablet: Is the archive
Size: 13.9 Mb
Download Links:


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