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Thursday, January 28, 2010

SportsCar Sink Controls Bathroom Tap

Energy conservation is always something that needs to have awareness directed towards it. However, it is easy to forget than one source of energy, albeit a passive one, is derived from something that is easy to take for granted: everyday fresh water.

As one of the simplest and easiest ways to conserve energy, while continuing to preserve precious resources and our planet, limiting the amount of wasted water from a running tap is a great idea. With only 3% of all of the water available on earth being fresh, and one percent of that frozen, it is essential to conserve as much of it as possible.


The idea behind Shen Di’s +Shifter faucet is designed to meter out the water usage through a stylish and practical car shifter style control. So whether you are brushing your teeth or washing your face, you can feel like you’re behind the wheel of a sleek Porsche, all the while doing your bit to save the planet!

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