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Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Citroen C7 Concept

The Citroen C7 concept was created by Seojun, a design student at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. The C7 is a luxury 4-door, 4-seat saloon with coupe-like proportions for the near future, 2010 to be exact. And although the concept C7 stands no chance of production in this particular form it is a stylish design which attempts to predict the future of Citroen design.

The exterior design of the Citroen C7 concept is graceful and flowing with a tapering rear section. Up front the grille of the C7 does not feature the new distinctive elongated chrome badge which has become standard across much of the Citroen lineup. The rising line of the side windows gives the concept a sense of motion even when stationary, and helps to give the driver and front seat passenger a better field of vision while also giving the rear seat passengers a sense of privacy. Entry to the Citroen C7 is through conventional front doors and rear hinged rear doors. The rear doors are cleverly disguised thanks to the single-piece design of the door handles positioned where the front and rear doors meet. Inside the Citroen C7 concept is ample space for four adults, the swiveling front passenger seat can be turned through 180 degrees to face the rear seats.


Source : Hongik University


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