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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NevER GiVe UP!!!


There will always be those who try to steal your dream

By laughter or criticism

They do not understand

What drive you to always want more

In safety, there is no failure neither if there is success

Only by taking the risk that others fear

Can you achieve greatness

Change can be frightening

But only by changing

Can you experience growth

Only by challenging yourself

To do what seems impossible

Can you know how much you can achieve

There is only one key to success:


until you win

It requires a lot of changing

But you can do it

The seeds of greatness lies within you

Nuture it and

There will be nothing you can't do!


serigala said...

pergh..jiwang siot...

mie said...

waa motivasi.. new category..

serigala said...

mie dok pernoh fikir pasal motibasi

mie said...

ak mmg x pk.. cikgu quddus pk kut..haha

NeO said...

Haha.. act diz poem reli inspire me during ma degree.. It motivate me a lot to get through ma study.. Hope it will motivate others too..

miz apple said...

hope it will motivate me nmpk mcm ssh jerk..hhahaahhahaha

NeO said...

No pain no gain sis..

shareena said...

cayala en saiful ahhaa

NeO said...

thanx.. nie shareena mana satu lak nie..

BlackThyrel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shareena said...

x student en saiful la...
result short course ble kluar?

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